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The Key to Prayer

I have struggled with the "discipline" of prayer for a long time. I've wanted to be a powerful pray-er but have always struggled in staying focused and intentional in what I'm praying about. I share this not as an excuse but rather as being honest (more…) Read more

Ignore the Critics…

I read this quote the other night and it absolutely blew me away: (more…) Read more

I’m SO Thankful For You, FLOOD

Dear FLOOD, We have seen INCREDIBLE growth as a ministry this year. We have seen so many baptisms and seen our community become more and more solid with every week that we get together. You are all living out God's mission in the zip code that he has called you to, and yet I'm convinced that the best is still yet to come. So on this day I just want to simply say to my FLOOD family: I am beyond thankful for you. And ... Read more

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